Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Poker Night Announced


We've already booked a new Poker Night (and yes we are still on a quest to find the perfect night, place, time and all that). It's going to be February 21st at 8 pm. We are going to be putting together the list of performers very soon.

The second one went very well. Kristin (who is becoming like super famous now) started things off and kicked ass. She is one of the funniest people performing in NYC today. She does really great characters and this performance didn't disappoint. Personal favorite line, "Oh, you must be attracted to my blindness."

Dave Hill was next and he also kicked ass. He told a riveting tale of show he saw about a whore house and had the audience rolling. You will be seeing more of him people. He's on the rise.

Katherine Bryant was next (A.K.A. D.J. Tanner) and she sand a song about shayna. Then sang a song about singing a song. Then sang a song about that. It was like looking into a mirror wall of comedy.

Finally, God's Pottery closed out the show. They sang about the Lord (well, their Lord. Apparently his name is Jesus) They were so funny they may have made Shayna turn her back on being Jewish. We will give you updates on that as they come in.

Talk to y'all soon.



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