Monday, March 20, 2006

POKER NIGHT - April 11th

Hey, We are pleased to announce the next Poker Night. It's going to be April 11th. And from here on out, look for them the second tuesday of every month at the Ace of Clubs (9 Great Jones @ 8pm).

Who's going to be there:
Baron Vaughn (Aspen Comedy Fest, Comedy is for Humans)
Kurt Braunholer (Hot Tub, Nuetrino, Chengwin)
Becky Yamamoto (Brutal Honesty)
Sara Schaefer (Best Week Ever. Sara Schaefer is Obsessed with You))

and official kick-ass sketch groupElephant Larry (D.C. Comedy Festival, SketchFest TV)

And welcome Guest Host Jack Kukoda

And as always on the turn tables, D.J. Tanner (Katherine Bryant)

Pictures form the March show taken by the NY comedy scene's official Photographer, Carol Hartsell

Liam McEneaney

Sean Crespo

Shayna Ferm


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